Investigation continues as missing boy recovers in hospital

HANOVER, VA (WWBT) - Little Robert Wood, Jr. remains in a warm bed at VCU Medical Center.

At last check, he was in stable condition.

A relative said he'll stay there for several more days.

In Hanover, there's little evidence left of the tremendous search.

Bunched up on the ground outside the North Anna Battlefield Park is police tape.

Nearby, a poster expressing gratitude toward the thousands who searched here for Robert.

Hanover investigators returned Saturday morning, one day after what many call a miracle rescue.

They're retracing his steps as part of their investigation.

Survival packs, with food, water and blankets, were left behind for Robert, but went untouched.

Still authorities said Robert appeared in good shape after vanishing for nearly six days.

Robert's cousin tells me the eight year old wasn't too dehydrated when rescued but  had a sore throat leading the family to believe he tried to eat something while in the woods.

"It's hard to say in the woods what's available but when you're hungry I guess you eat just about anything," said Billy Goodman, who searched for Robert.

A citizen found Robert curled up in a fetal position in a creek bed near a quarry.

The area near Misty Morning Lane had been searched before.

These are trained professionals walking a grid there Tuesday.

Goodman said he was there the next day.

"I actually went there Wednesday morning the exact same path I didn't see high or low of him but he was on the move," said Goodman.

Goodman said a relative keeping tabs on the story in Florida gave him the good news.

He was returning to the woods as word spread about what so many had been praying for.

"I hope someday I could give little Robert a hug because I kind of took this thing personal I do have 17 grandkids I love children," said Goodman.

Robert's cousin said he'll stay at VCU for several days until his throat heals.

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