Doswell reacts to Robert's rescue

DOSWELL, VA (WWBT) - People in Doswell are buzzing after news spread that Robert Wood Junior has been found alive and well.

Needless to say people in Doswell are overjoyed and relieved that Robert is safe after being on his own for days.

They say the timing could not have been better. Robert was found right before the weather took a turn for the worse.

The sign in front of Volunteer Fire Station Four says it all - "thanks to everyone for a job well done".

Harvey Massie searched his yard all week hoping to find Robert.

"There were people looking on my land when I went off to work Friday morning," Massie said.  "We were all just hoping and praying it would come out as nicely as it did."

He says he was at work when he heard Robert was found.

"We were all just hooping it up out of our offices," he said.  "This is great. This is unbelievable. We were so happily shocked."

Akta Patel works at a convenience store in Doswell near where Robert went missing. She says Robert has been the only thing on people's minds all week.

"I had goose bumps when I was watching the news," Patel said.  "I was like, 'oh my God, that's just amazing that they found him'."

She says many people are amazed he was found as healthy as he is after five days alone outside.

"It's a miracle that he survived," she said.

Many men admit news of Robert's rescue brought tears to their eyes.

"I was just getting off the interstate, blowing the horn by the fire department, watching people jump up and down," said David Nuckols.  "I had tears in my eyes."

Nearly 6000 people volunteered to help with the search for Robert.

Now many of those people are saying they're glad all that work searching the dense woods of North Anna Battlefield Park was worth it.

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