Candlelight Celebration in Doswell

DOSWELL, VA (WWBT) - Friday night's vigil had a much different tone compared to the last few days. It was all smiles tonight - definitely a celebration. The Doswell Community Center was filled with people who volunteered in the search as well as those who just wanted to say, "Thank God".

Tonight's candlelight gathering was filled with smiles, hugs, and tears.

"Oh my God, praise God, it's just awesome God that he had been found. I'm just so glad he was alive," said search volunteer Corinne Dixon.

"I can't describe it. I screamed. I think my neighbors heard me screaming," Brianne Morgan said.

"Thank God! I mean the weather is going to get bad this weekend and it wouldn't have turned out this way if they had been a couple more days definitely," Brian Morgan added.

A little over a hundred people showed up to the celebration at the Doswell Community Center. For 6 days...these volunteers and supporters never gave up hope...

"It was tough going, we had a lot behind us we had a lot in front of us we had a lot beside us, but god was with us all the way...amen."

"I always withheld hope that he would be found alive," Dixon said.

Celebrating 8-year-old Robert's return was exactly how these families wanted it to end.

"It's a celebration of life of God's prayers and I'm so happy that Robbie was found," said Dixon.

It's cold and wet out Friday night, but these volunteers say they would have gone out in worse conditions Saturday if Robert still wasn't found.

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