Robert Wood Jr. in good condition at VCU Medical Center

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Robert Wood Jr. was still being treated in the hospital Friday night.  He was immediately flown by helicopter from that quarry to VCU Medical Center in downtown Richmond.

As of late Friday night, Robert was still in good condition there. One emergency room doctor told NBC12 it is impossible to predict just how long Robert will need care, but he assumes after this ordeal he'll be there for several days.

It was a parent's and a community's greatest hope realized.

"He was awake and alert when he arrived in our emergency department," explained Dr. Christopher Wolaben.

They are words you almost have to hear twice in order to believe.

"He's doing remarkably well," he went on to say.

According to sources, Robert was given fluids and warming blankets when he was found in a creek bed. We've learned when he arrived by helicopter he had scrapes and bruises and was dehydrated. Despite this horrifying ordeal, the doctors were reassured as they did a head to toe exam. Robert was all smiles when he was reunited with his parents, who were driven to the hospital by the Hanover Sheriff's Office.

In a statement Robert's mother said: "He is here and safe. Thank you for your prayers, your thoughts... He is a strong little fella."

His father said: "We never gave up hope that he would return home safe. Thank you so much everybody... Robert is home!"

The miraculous news spread quickly. In fact, as our crews were live all evening people would stop them in disbelief that this little boy has been found and one man drove by screaming Robert's name in celebration.

But this did not come easy. Robert is nonverbal. Just like he couldn't cry out for help in the woods, he can't tell doctors what hurts and how he was able to survive what could have been a devastating situation.

"This could have been much worse, especially if we had had colder temperatures for the past few days," explained Dr. Wolaben.

Doctors will continue to examine Robert to see just what kind of toll being exposed to the elements may have taken on his little body. Again, we don't know yet when he will get to go home.

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