Hundreds volunteer despite the weather

CAROLINE COUNTY, VA (WWBT) - As temperatures plunge, the urgency rises for the hundreds of volunteers who showed up at the Meadow Event Park Friday.

Meredith Barlow is with a group of people who've been volunteering since day one. They've gone through waste deep swamp water, briar patches, steep inclines, and they're not stopping.

"We've all been trucking through the woods," said Barlow. "Everyone has cuts all over them. You get stuck in a briar. You have something cutting through your legs and you can't do anything about it. You just have to keep going."

One man in her group even helped save another volunteer's life who suffered a heart attack yesterday.

"I looked, dropped everything I had and ran," said Paul Hamilton. "When I got there, I checked his pulse and initiated CPR."

EMS crews took the man to the hospital. People helping people is a theme each day, including Robert's great uncle who is also navigating the thick mud and 25 foot drop offs near the river to find him.

"That's exactly what I thought. Oh my gosh, said William Smith. "It's family. It's a child. We need to be out there."

After nearly six days of retracing their steps through the woods, some people are growing suspicious.

"Everybody has in the back of their mind, something else could have happened to him but if anyone knows anything they have to come forward with it," said Shane Joyce.

Time is ticking for everyone out here as weather conditions continue to get worse. As of noon, more than 800 volunteers, both pre-registered and new, have signed up to help.

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