Search for Robert continues despite bad weather

DOSWELL, VA (WWBT) - Still tonight, there is no sign of 8-year-old Robert Wood, Jr. He was last seen running off from his family on Sunday afternoon in the North Anna Battlefield Park. Tonight, bad weather is rolling in but that is not stopping the determination of several crews searching in the dark of night.

It's a big hug that Sharon Jones hopes to give little Robert Wood, Junior in the woods tonight.

"My hope is we go out, find Robbie and he'll be holed up some place warm just waiting to be found," she said.

This isn't her first night in the woods searching with her scent dog, Hugo. But, it just may be coldest and wettest, yet.

"It increases the urgency of the search because conditions will deteriorate quickly and Robbie's survivability is going to be affected by that," Sharon added.

The cold weather not good for Robert alone in the woods, but good for scent dogs here like Hugo. First of all, the dogs can track a scent better at night because the winds are not as strong and scents stay in the woods. Also, the dogs can last a whole lot longer in the cold conditions.

But planning wise, tonight will be no different. K-9 units and trained ground crews will use flashlights, thermal imaging and night vision deep in the rugged woods.

"Come prepared with rain gear, flashlights, food. We are self sufficient. We are well prepared," said Sharon.

So too, is Hugo. All prepared to walk out of the woods with Robert, safe and sound.

If you are looking to volunteer for the Robert search, starting on Friday, you will need to go to the Meadow Event Park, where the State Fair is held. You can go there at 8 a.m. if you've already been trained to search for Robert. If not, show up at 9 a.m. for training.

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