Cleanup continues two months after storm

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - It was two months ago today when Hurricane Irene caused extensive damage in central Virginia. The storm never made landfall in Virginia, but its winds did more damage here than at the beach.

Sidewalks are still buckled. Tree roots still need to be removed. It's been two months since Irene came barreling through, and the clean up is not over yet.

Evidence of Irene easy to see and hear in some Henrico County neighborhoods.

"It's still busy. The main thing is we got it off the houses, off the sheds the decks, made it safe for people to come back to their houses if they had to leave, but now it's getting on to the trees that are down in yards," said Philip Tate from Tree Timber Tree Service.

It was the wind in Hurricane Irene that sent trees tumbling into yards. 700 came crashing down in Richmond alone.

We found homes in Westover Hills still showing their bruises. Roofing companies still finding a payday.

"A lot of people wait to the last minute. They wait to find out if their insurance, you know, covers and wait for checks. Unless there's rain actually getting into the building, a lot of people just put it off," said Shannon Williamson from Richmond Slate and Copper.

The main priority in the city right now is getting up the piles of debris.

"What we're dealing with now is a lot of people who didn't put theirs out right away and understandably. If you have a big tree down in your yard it may take a while to get it cut up and put out on the street," said Sharon North, Richmond public works spokesperson.

The leftover tree stumps will stay put for now, unless they pose a danger. Buckled sidewalks are on the waiting list.

"Certainly if there is one that is extremely dangerous or posing a tripping hazard, then we will get out there and take care of that," said North.

If you still have a tree that is still leaning from Irene and you haven't had it checked out, you may want to. The next windstorm that blows through could send one more tree down in your yard.

If you live in the city and still have a problem leftover from Irene, don't wait for a neighbor to sound the alarm. call 311 to report the issue.

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