October 27 Restaurant Report

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - We were greeted by Mexican music when we went inside Casa Mexicana 2, at 8800 Landmark Road in Henrico. Ricardo Angel has worked in Mexican restaurants for two decades and had just bought this one when it had five critical violations on a state health inspection.

"I took care of that stuff already because when she (the inspector) comes, I had been here only two days. I bought it from someone else. And they did not take care of stuff right. I took care of all of it," said Angel.

The inspector found there was not enough sanitizer in the dishwasher.

"Somebody closed the hot water and the machine was full of cold water, it was not working too good. I turned the hot water on. It works good right now," Angel explained.

Angel showed us the sanitizer level has been fixed, and so has the walk-in cooler, now keeping foods at least 41 degrees. And he says all foods are properly dated. Casa Mexicana 2 had 2 critical violations on a follow-up inspection, but then earned a perfect score on another follow-up.

"Just working hard to do whatever she told me I need to do," said Angel.

We also visited the American Diner at 11001 Midlothian Turnpike in Chesterfield with 4 critical violations. The report says employees were handling cooked sausages with their bare hands. This was corrected on the spot along with other problems. The Diner had one critical on a follow-up. We left a message for the manager but did not hear back.

Moving east, the Eastern Dragon Restaurant at 3601 Cox Road in Henrico had 5 critical violations. The inspector wrote that an employee put cooked beef on a cutting board that had raw meat on it. But all problems were corrected by the follow-up inspection the following week.

Things are busy at 11552 Busy Street in Chesterfield, home of Virginia Barbeque. It wins this week's NBC 12 Hall of Fame Award after a year of perfect inspection scores.

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