Teacher, nurse sentenced for sex crimes against students

HANOVER, VA (WWBT) – Sex crimes against students will keep a former Hanover teacher and school nurse in prison for the next several years.

A judge gave Craig and Angela Linnon prison terms of 11 and 9 years, respectively, ending what was described as a sordid affair dating back to 2009.

The sentences were just what a jury recommended for the Linnons, who apologized for what took place.

Angela and Craig Linnon don't walk hand-in-hand anymore like they did in March, the day they were found guilty. They've been in jail; separated ever since, and not talking publicly, until today.

"This is now the worst moment of my life," Craig Linnon told the judge, adding "I don't want to spend 11 years in prison."

Two years ago, Craig Linnon was a shop teacher, and his wife, Angela, the school nurse, at the Hanover Center for Trades and Technology. They were convicted in March of arranging and engaging in graphic sex acts involving underage students.

Shari Skipper prosecuted the case.

"It's different than getting your purse snatched in a shopping center. That's something you can go on from and maybe never think about again. When you have been a victim of sexual abuse, that's something that's gonna  follow you for the rest of your life, whether you realize it when you're 16 or not," Skipper said.

Each of the Linnons have children from previous relationships. Angela begged the judge for leniency. Speaking of the prosecution, she said, "God knows I'm not what [they] say I am," adding, "Please forgive me, I'm really sorry."

Angela Linnon's 9 year sentence and Craig Linnon's 11 years sounded extreme to their attorneys back in March. This, after the Linnons rejected plea deals that would've offered them just six months behind bars.

When their prison terms are complete, Craig and Angela Linnon will each have to be supervised for a year.  They can't have any contact with the victims. And they'll have to register as sex offenders.

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