Additional volunteers still needed in the search for Robert Wood Junior

HANOVER, COUNTY VA (WWBT) - After four nights of searching, there's still no sign of missing eight-year-old Robert Wood Junior.

The overnight search didn't turn up much, but the conditions outside actually present some advantage to rescuers as they continue to look for this young boy with autism.

Crews have been searching all night for Robert. Luckily, it's not as cold which could be a good thing for him out there, as another day passes.

Searchers are using glow sticks to try and attract him and searching at night does have its advantages. Not only is it a little bit cooler for the dogs, meaning they can walk longer, but scents tend to linger a little more in the dark.

Searchers and trained professionals hope these little advantages will help lead them closer to signs of Robert.

Police still need about 1200 volunteers to help out with the search Thursday. If you're interested, come out to the Kings Dominion parking lot Thursday at 9:00 a.m. to help.

Again, be prepared to walk rough terrain, possibly for hours out in the thick woods.

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