Tracking devices that can find lost children

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Many children with autism or Down syndrome, or even people with Alzheimer's, have a way of staying connected if they get lost. There's a tracking device that comes as a bracelet and it can quickly find your missing family member.

This could be one of those "ah ha" moments for parents who have a special needs child and worries about them getting lost. Unfortunately not all families are aware of "Project Lifesaver."

Chesterfield County offers adults and children who wander due to a disability this "life saver" bracelet.

It's small and it's light in weight - and if you qualify...for $50 - you get the bracelet, a home battery detector and a monthly visit from police to make sure the device is in working order.

"So if they wander off and they can't verbally communicate with someone, emergency personnel essential information – name, address, phone number, they would qualify for the program," said Corporal Mike Catron.

The device has a detection range of up to a mile if you're searching from the ground. And if you're searching from the air...there is another system that can track the device from up to 3 miles away.

There are 47 participants in Chesterfield County with the bracelet - half of whom are autistic children. And if your child or elderly family member does not qualify, there are GPS devices you can buy.

For example the "Garmin GTU10". This type of device would be ideal to slip into your child's backpack or even a pocket, it's a GPS device so it should track anywhere in the world.

You can even put up a geographical fence that'll alert a parent if a child, dog, or car has crossed its boundaries.

"You can actually alert as many friends and family as you like and you can have as many of these units on one account," said Ben Stockton.

There's also "The Spot" - with buttons tracking where you are of if you're in trouble. It also has the option that can guarantee a successful rescue.

There are other devices you can buy on line. But experts say, do your research and make sure your family member keep the devices on them at all times.

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