Volunteers help crews search for Robert

HANOVER, VA (WWBT) – On Wednesday, volunteers showed up once again to help find Robert Wood, Jr., the 8-year-old boy missing since Sunday.

Volunteers we spoke with say they're not giving up and they'll keep searching until someone finds Robert. Hundreds showed up for a second day to help with the search.

Douglas Turner registered Tuesday. He was one of the first people to leave for the woods.

"I guess probably that somebody finds some evidence," said Turner. "I don't want to think the worst, but I hope the worst doesn't come. I hope we are able to find him."

Andrew Wilson says he feels the same way. Wilson knows the area well, but got turned away Tuesday. As soon as he heard volunteers were being accepted Wednesday, he jumped at the opportunity.

"Immediately," said Wilson. "I have a young child too, so I wanted to come out here and look for him. Walk the river, walk the woods, whatever I could do."

Volunteers who already searched Tuesday say it's no easy task.

"I will say there are some briars out there and some pretty thick terrain," said Turner.

Leslie Winston, with the National Park Service, is used to the trenches, hills, and creeks that come with the territory. He brought a group of volunteers with him to navigate.

"Personally, I can appreciate the sense of urgency and the loss that the family is experiencing right now," said Winston.

"I couldn't imagine what the parents are going through," said Wilson. "It's unbelievable being gone this long and as cold as it's been the last two nights."

Even though the sun shined bright Wednesday morning, people understand time is not on their side as another cold night is expected. Still, crews are hoping to see results.

Meanwhile, several organizations, including the Red Cross and Salvation Army, have been supplying food and drinks to volunteers. They say they will keep helping as long as volunteers keep showing up.

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