Dozens hold vigil for Robbie's safe return

HANOVER, VA (WWBT) - Dozens gathered to hold vigil Tuesday night, to pray for Robbie's safe return.

In the dark of yet another night this community is providing a glimmer of light for 9-year0old Robbie Wood Jr.

"Please let Robbie be found and that he will be found safely, and help all the people who are looking for him."

Prayer warriors turning to God for the help this boy now urgently needs.

"The power of prayer goes a long way. We feel that showing support and believing and prayer will bring him home," said vigil organizer Ronda Campbell.

Charles Brodie goes to Robbie's special school for autism.

"Since he's been missing it's been pretty sad," he said.

Tonight he lights a candle for a classmate. Even he knows time is of the essence.

"If he would please survive the night," said Charles.

Many others don't know Robbie, but in this tying hour they have him close to heart.

"I live on the North Anna River, just a few miles up from where he's been lost. So standing in my kitchen window today, looking out, praying, trying to see if I can see a little spot of red," one person at the vigil said.

"I don't have the necessities to go out on a search for him myself, and I want to be here and help do something and pray for him," another said.

"I think he needs all the help he can get tonight," said a third.

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