Volunteers join search for missing boy

DOSWELL, VA (WWBT) - The call has already gone out for volunteers to help in the search tomorrow. Hundreds of people lined up this morning, ready to help find Robbie.

Although they didn't have to be there until 9 a.m., the lines started forming at eight, stretching to the back of the Kings Dominion parking lot.

Nearly 900 people were registered and trained to help with the search. The search for Robbie has been expanded to more than 2,000 acres. Police say the area is treacherous terrain and so far, that hasn't deterred anyone from doing what they can to find Robbie.

Joseph Burns is one of hundreds of people who devoted their day to help with the search.

"There's a little boy missing, and I'm here to try and help find him," said Burns.

Volunteers hopped fences as they methodically made their way through the fields and thick forest where Robbie was last seen.

"It's going to be a little rough and challenging. We'll get through it," Burns said.

Thousands waited in line at King's Dominion this morning to help.  Each person had to register and then sit through a 30 minute training seminar. Katie Cannon came early this morning to volunteer.  For her, this search is personal.

"Me and his mom are real close.  When he was born, I was around for a while. There for the first bath," Cannon said. "This is home, this isn't just some random person. This is a child that I loved and cared about."

She says any parent would hope for this many volunteers if it was their child missing.

"Everybody should come together when a child is missing, especially a child with special needs, and I know his mother and his family appreciates all of this," Cannon said.

People at the back of the line this morning like Angela Covington were afraid they wouldn't get a chance to join the search. They'll get a chance to try again tomorrow, unless Robbie is found tonight.

"I'm hoping they'll let me. I really am. I'm off work tomorrow, and if I need to take another personal day, I will to see what I can do to help out," said Covington.

As mentioned, the call has already gone out for volunteers to help in the search tomorrow. Organizers would especially like to see some of the people who came out today, since they've already been trained and can get into the field faster.

If you're interested, be at the King's Dominion parking lot tomorrow at 9 a.m.

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