Crews change search tactics at night for Robbie Wood

DOSWELL, VA (WWBT) - There is no sign tonight of 8-year-old Robbie Wood, Jr. He has been missing now in the North Anna Battlefield Park for more than 30 hours. Tonight, crews are scaling back rescue crews and are no longer searching in the woods, until there is daylight.

Also, it is very dark near the park tonight, along with cool temperatures and even some rain drops. It's all making looking for Robbie even more difficult.

It's his blonde hair and big blue eyes of 8-year-old Robbie Wood Junior that hundreds are hoping will turn up, safely.

"He's going to come to pretty much anyone in the woods yelling, trying to find him," said Robbie's former step-dad Craig Edwards.

His family has been out searching all day in the woods.

"It's getting pretty tense. Everybody is trying to keep on the right side, keep it positive right now," Edwards added.

Tonight, rescue crews are not searching in the woods and it will stay that way until there's some daylight. Crews are lined up along the streets, open areas and waterways looking for Robbie.

Now the search has been expanded to the east and west of the battlefield.

Earlier -- dozens of rescue crews called it quits for the day, including Jeff Allen. Everyone is using some different methods to find Robbie.

"Instead of going after him because we are afraid he is going to bolt. So we are showing him candy and whatever," said Jeff.

In fact -- Jeff had an Almond Joy bar in his pocket all day long. But so far no signs of the boy.

"We've stumbled upon a few small things, but it doesn't look very promising," added Edwards.

Hanover County Sheriff's Office says it will be accepting citizen volunteers Tuesday to search for Robbie. You will need to meet at 9 a.m. at the main parking lot at Kings Dominion.

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