Neighbors search for missing boy

Robbie Wood Jr.
Robbie Wood Jr.

HANOVER, VA (WWBT) - Police have called thousands of people living within a seven mile radius of where Robbie Wood Jr. went missing. They're asking people there to search their property in the hopes of finding Robbie.

Police are still not asking for volunteers to join the official search but that's not stopping people in the area from doing what they can to help. Robbie's teachers say they want people to know how to interact with him so no one makes this difficult situation worse.

Step by step many people in Doswell are keeping their eyes peeled for 8-year-old Robbie Wood. Regan Waggie came home from work to search her yard.

"Who's to say he couldn't make it this far. It is right across the street and I didn't want to take any chances," she said.

But looking for Robbie may be more complicated than you think. Kathy Matthews works at the Faison School for Autism where Robbie goes to school. She says Robbie is the kind of kid that likes to explore.

"Robbie likes to get into things and look around so I would be looking under and around every little nook and cranny that I found, just because he's that kid that likes to explore so I wouldn't overlook any possibility," Matthews said.

She says you should use a calm voice when looking for him so you don't scare him away. Ronda Campbell has been sitting in a chair outside her home all day.

"I'm hoping to catch a glimpse of him," Campbell said.

She's one of three thousand people that received a call from police asking to help.

"I've walked back in our woods a ways and through the fields and everything just hoping, calling out his name, hoping I'll hear something or see something," she said.

Many people in this area say they're anxious for police to ask for their help with the official search. For now, there's not much they can do.

"All you can do is pray for him. This sort of thing happens. It happens everywhere. The fact that it's right in my backyard, all I can do is pray," Waggie said.

Several of Robbie's teachers were here today to give police some ideas for what might pique Robbie's interest. They say Robbie is like a lot of kids and likes food so if you're eating something, he might come over to check it out.

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