Fugitive Friday: Police search for Jamal Strickland

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Tonight's featured fugitive is Jamal Strickland. He's wanted by Henrico Police for a brazen attempted robbery.

Back on September 6, police say Jamal Strickland made a bold robbery attempt here at the Regency Mart gas station on Quioccosan Road in Henrico County.

It happened in broad daylight at about 1:30 p.m. when one of the store clerks was leaving to make a deposit at the bank.

"The black male attempted to steal the deposit bag. The victim fought with the suspect," said Lt. Eric Owens of the Henrico County Police.

The clerk wouldn't go on camera but told us Strickland punched him in the face while attempting to steal the deposit bag. During the scuffle, a bandana that was covering Strickland's face fell down and his cell phone was lost.

"This employee was familiar with the suspect because the suspect had been a customer in the business several times prior to this incident occurring.  So he was able to identify the suspect," said Lt. Owens.

Witnesses say Strickland fled into a nearby neighborhood once police were called to the scene.

"The fact that he would attempt a crime like this in broad daylight, lunch time, a well traveled area, suggests that he would probably do something even more dangerous if he becomes desperate," said Lt. Owens.

Strickland has already been evicted from his last known address at 9204 Citadel Drive in the Nottingham Green apartment complex.

"We suspect he's in the metro area, if not in this immediate area," said Lt. Owens.

Police received a tip that Strickland may be staying close by the scene of the crime in the Cloisters Apartments and encourage anyone with information to step forward.

"Although you may consider him a friend, although you may consider him an associate, you may be the next victim," said Lt. Owens

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