INTERVIEW: Powhatan Festival of the Grape

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - If you love good wine and great food -- there's an event you may want to attend this weekend. It's the 9th annual Powhatan Festival of the Grape. Here to talk more about the event is Barbara Russell.

GRAY: Barbara thank you for being here.

BARBARA: Thank you.

GRAY: This is a great event. I went last year, I had so much fun last year. Talk about what people can expect this year.

BARBARA: We have a lot of your old favorites, this is the winery that took off 9 years ago right out of the gate. So we have 26 Virginia wineries that we feature. We have one new winery this year, which is...including your old favorites, Barboursville, Horton Cellars, New Kent Winery... 

GRAY: Ok. 

BARBARA: ...which won a governor's cup award, but we also have Brook Mill Winery - which is the 26th winery. 

GRAY: A lot of great ones. 

BARBARA: Absolutely, great tasting. 

GRAY: What about ticket prices. People want to know, how much does it cost to get in? 

BARBARA: You can still get advanced tickets at the advanced ticket price, by going to, or check with Central Virginia bank locations throughout the area, but do call first to make sure they still have them available. After tonight, the price goes up to $25 for a tasting ticket. That includes your souvenir wine glass, and $20 for non tasting ticket. But you will have to get those at the gate. 

GRAY: You get that free glass when you go in.

BARBARA: Absolutely.

GRAY: Comes in really handy. Talk about some of the different things that folks can expect this year compared to last year. There are new things. 

BARBARA: Absolutely. We have over 100 arts and crafts vendors who are there at the festival that people look forward to seeing each year, but this year, we have almost half of the crowd which will be new vendors, and some that are really interesting include a honey company, our first vendor selling locally produced honey for sale, and also a Chesapeake Bay Christmas company. They produce Christmas ornaments so if you want to Christmas shop you can do it there. 

GRAY: Sounds really good. The information is on your screen, Saturday, October 22, 11:00 until 6:00. Can you really quickly talk about the performers? 

BARBARA: Steve Bassett, and Ammon Tharp and Mystic Soul Bubbas, in their 9th year with the festival. Casper will be here back again for the second year in a row, so come early and stay late so you can take advantage of the entertainment. 

GRAY: Great food and music So get your tickets now. Thanks Barbara for being here.

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