Police officers sue the city for overtime

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - This lawsuit started with just 73 officers. Now hundreds of them, a third of the police force, have jumped on board. Almost 300 of the department's 750 sworn officers are now involved in this lawsuit.

It's a class action suit that claims the Richmond Police Department failed to properly pay these officers for some overtime hours. Sworn to protect and serve, hundreds of city officers say they're not being properly compensated.

The class action suit was filed in September. It started with just 73 officers, but that number has quickly grown. They claim the city violated state and federal law by failing to pay overtime on hours worked. The suit also alleges the city routinely deducted a daily 30 minute meal break, regardless of whether the break was actually taken by the employee.

The attorney for the officers says he doesn't have an exact figure on how much the city owes, but he says it's substantial. He also says these officers are entitled to the unpaid overtime, plus interest.

It is not the city's policy to comment on pending litigation. But, according to court documents, the city is denying all of the claims, and even asks for proof.

Judge Henry Hudson has met with both sides and ordered them to get together and try to work this out before he has to intervene. A hearing is scheduled for early November.

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