Playground will be replaced, Neighbors thank NBC 12

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Neighbors concerned about a playground being demolished called 12 for help, so we got involved.

Now, we're learning a new playground will replace the one torn down in Richmond's Whitcomb Court community.

Within the next 30 days, a new playground will replace the one that was bulldozed. It's news residents are happy to hear.

On Tuesday, a bulldozer demolished monkey bars and slides.

It was a sight that frustrated neighbors and children who say the demolition took them by surprise and took away the only playground in the neighborhood.

After NBC 12 got involved residents got answers from the Richmond Redevelopment Housing Authority, which oversees Whitcomb Court.

"We should have increased communication between our residents and going forward that's something we plan to do," said Charles Williams, Vice President of Property Management for RRHA.

On Thursday, RRHA apologized to residents and announced the playground will be replaced.

"I'm happy they're trying to make improvements, but they should have been making improvements," said resident Renee Massenberg.

Councilwoman Ellen Robertson has questions about the condition of the equipment that was bulldozed.

"How does it get so disrepaired to the extent that it requires a bulldozer," asked Robertson.

RRHA says it tore down the playground because it was deemed unsafe. Inspections are done yearly.

"There was a lag on our part. We'll make sure it doesn't happen again," said Williams.

Neighbors like Aliyyah Johnson are grateful.

"Thank you, Channel 12 . If we didn't call you, I don't think anything would have been done," said Johnson.

As for children in the community, they're just happy they'll have somewhere to play.

"That's great, I want them to replace it.  I miss the playground," said 11-year-old Clifton Taylor.

RRHA says it plans on holding a community meeting within the next two weeks in an effort to increase communication between residents and the agency.