Cantor points out areas of compromise

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - One day after President Obama made yet another trip into his district, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor brought together local business leaders to talk to about ways to help create jobs.

The last three days, President Obama spent a lot of time claiming republicans aren't willing to work with him. Today, his chief critic said there plenty of areas where the White House and Congress can meet in the middle.

Flanked by a group of business leaders from Richmond's booming bio-tech park, Congressman Eric Cantor said that job creation is something republicans in Congress want to help President Obama with.

"We want to work with the president," Cantor said.

But President Obama disagrees and drove that point home in his highly publicized bus trip through Virginia and North Carolina.

Cantor countered that the GOP wasn't just going to rubber stamp his plan.

"We had said that we weren't going to pass his bill in total, all or nothing didn't work," Cantor said.

That is because there are plenty of things republicans still oppose, like additional stimulus spending, that Cantor believes creates an unfair playing field.

"It actually skews decision making in the private sector as to whether one should actually begin a business or make an investment," said Cantor.

Proof that there is still quite a bit that separates the two sides.

Cantor pointed out that the house has passed 15 bi-partisan bills aimed at job creation, bills dealing with free trade and sensible regulation. He called for the president to encourage the democratic-led senate to do the same.

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