Brady murder case moves forward

New information in the case of an elderly Colonial Heights couple found dead in their home.

On Wednesday, the man charged with robbing and murdering Joseph and Evelyn Bland appeared in court for a preliminary hearing.

A judge ruled there's enough evidence to move forward in the case against

27-year-old Matthew Brady.

During the hearing one witness, Brady's former cell mate,  testified. He told the court Brady confessed to the murders.

Testimony, the Bland family found hard to hear.

"They were wonderful people-- good to everyone.  It's hard to understand these things," said family member Roy Barron.

TThe witness, called by the prosecution, also testified that Brady said he went to the Bland home to steal their pills, that he was high on drugs, and that there was no forced entry into the Bland home.

The defense painted the witness as a convicted felon trying to get time shaved off his 20 year murder sentence.

The defense also highlighted a forensic report that states blood found under the nails of Mrs. Bland did not belong to her,  her husband,  or Brady.

The Blands were found beaten to death in their home back in January.  Brady was a neighbor.

" They were my aunt and uncle - I just wanted to come here to see if justice will be done - it's been hard on the whole family," said Barron.

It's still unclear if prosecutors will seek the death penalty.

"At this point all options are on the table.  It's a very serious case and we're treating it as a serious case.  Without a doubt it's the biggest case in Colonial Heights in a long time," said William Bray, Commonwealth's Attorney in Colonial Heights.

The grand jury will convene in November.

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