Expert: Theft of truck has broad security implications

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) – President Obama will most likely have to use some backup equipment for Wednesday's event in Chesterfield County.  We've learned the sound system inside a truck stolen from a Henrico hotel was missing when the vehicle was recovered.  It's a story only we had Monday night.

The search continues for the people who stole that truck.

It could have been anyone's vehicle parked in the Marriott Courtyard lot.  This week, though, it was a truck, which is property of the federal government.  We've learned three lecterns, three presidential seals and $200,000 worth of equipment, including TelePrompTer for President Obama's Chesterfield speech were inside the vehicle.

Sources confirmed what's been described as "high end audio equipment" wasn't found when the truck was recovered.

We contacted a security company often contracted to protect dignitaries.  International Protective Service CEO Aaron T. Jones called this a huge breach.

"Anytime that you've got equipment that the President of the United States is going to be in direct contact with, that equipment should be watched continuously," he explained.

We've confirmed the parking lot is monitored by closed circuit TV.  The hotel general manager told us he handed over surveillance footage to Henrico Police.

The Department of Defense agency investigating the incident will not tell us why the truck with this special equipment wasn't guarded.  Jones said this could have been much worse considering common thieves were able to get their hands on the President's property,

"The sky is the limit," he maintained.  "We've seen that terrorists will stop at nothing to embarrass and wreak havoc and terror upon the citizens of the United States."

Again late Tuesday night we found a white box truck with government tags parked in the lot.  The feds still won't tell us if it is the same truck that was stolen and then recovered or a different vehicle altogether.

The truck is sealed with a removable lock, which is not much bigger than what you'd find on a school locker.

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