Obama visit affecting businesses, Chesterfield Fire Department

CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WWBT) -- Right now, final preps are underway for the President's visit to Chesterfield County. Some people are excited about the visit, but others are not so thrilled. In fact, several businesses will be affected by the visit.

In the midst of some last minute work, Lisa Price is scoping out the best spot to get a look at President Obama. "I don't want the secret service to pounce on me! I don't want to be a stalker, but I'm going to be right over there to get a look."

That's probably as close as she -- and the public -- will get to the President's job speech. Only 120 or so firefighters and police officers will be inside the Chesterfield Fire Station with the President.

"Maybe from down there I'll be able to see the motorcade or something," adds Price.

But, not everyone here is so excited about the president coming, like the owner of a nearby salon. She says she had to cancel all of her appointments for tomorrow and she may be out at least a thousand dollars.

"Our of a courtesy, I've contacted them and cleared the book," says Salon owner Mary McCullough. "It's all about jobs, but mine is kind of hurt and you can't regain that stuff."

Mary McCullough with the salon isn't the only business impacted. Food Lion management told all of its delivery trucks to be here no later than 10 AM.

The Chesterfield Fire Department is making changes too. Early tomorrow morning -- no more fire calls will come out of the main station.

"We are going to stage our fire apparatus nearby as to not affect our response time and not affect emergency calls whatsoever," says Lt. Jason Elmore with Chesterfield Fire & EMS.

Two different trucks will be brought in. Volunteers, along with other staff, will man the temporary station til tomorrow evening.

No extra taxpayer money will be spent on the additional staff at the fire station. At last check, all of the businesses in the area of the fire station can be open tomorrow, but it's likely that the area will be on lock down when the President is nearby.

There is also a traffic alert for drivers. Chesterfield Police are asking you to stay off of Midlothian Turnpike, Buford Road and the surrounding streets between Chippenham and the Powhite between 12 noon and 5 PM tomorrow. You may run into some road closures or a lot of traffic if you head down to those areas while the President is here.