Apartment owners did not pay trash removal bill

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Tenants are having trouble with trash at a Richmond apartment complex, and it's not what you think. In this case, the property owners are to blame.

Tenants called 12 complaining about the dumpsters at Chamberlayne Garden Apartments. We got results.

How many people does it take to dump trash at Chamberlyane Garden Apartments?   Three little kids and a big one with a stick, on this day.

They need the stick to retrieve the can, because garbage is piled so high it overflows from the dumpster. Then, residents have no choice but to drop their bags around the dumpster.

"This right here is not a week's worth of trash. This is a whole month's worth of trash," said Chris Oliver. "It smells terrible. You see real big maggots. You can even hear them crawling on the sidewalk."

Oliver is a regular visitor. His father lives here. He and a few others who declined to appear on camera tell us it's been happening every month since July at every dumpster in the complex, which covers about five blocks along Chamberlayne Avenue.

"If they're telling y'all people not paying their rent, that's bogus," said Oliver. "That's breaking their lease, and a lot of people out here don't understand it. That's a lease broken right there. That's their responsibility for the trash, not the tenants. That's breaking the tenant's lease right there."

Tenants say they call in complaints, but the management office phone just rings unanswered. We found out why.

A skeleton crew is running the complex, and they did not pay the trash removal bill. A woman who identified herself as an assistant manager told us that. She also told us management is in transition because of the recent departure of the property manager.

"People scared to come to the dumpster because they don't know what's going to jump out at them. Sooner or later, there's going to be big rats running around here," said Oliver.

The property is owned by Old Homes, Inc. in Florida. Four days after documenting the garbage and following up on complaints, the trash was collected.

The bill is now current, according to the only management person on site but, she can't say how long the relief will last.

We're not sure what's up with the irregular trash pickup schedule, whether it's a temporary glitch because of office management changes, or if there's something bigger happening.

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