Crash victim laid to rest

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Gage Edwards was laid to rest today. He's the 17-year-old killed in a car crash on Qualla Road in Chesterfield County on Thursday.

Traffic was backed up from all the people trying to attend Gage Edwards' funeral Tuesday morning.  Nearly a week has passed since the accident.  Classmates hope they can now find some closure.

"It finally let us get our last tears out," said Kristen Woodley. "It's time to celebrate his life.  He wanted us to party, to live your life 70 miles an hour, as Gage would say."

A steady stream of cars poured out of the church, many with messages to their fallen friend painted on the windshield.

Edwards was behind the wheel when he lost control and hit this white Volkswagen.  Tuesday, a small memorial marks the spot where Edwards' life came to a sudden end.

"It's just hard for someone so young to be gone, and he had his full life ahead of him, but God has him in a better place now," said Taylor Bergman.  "He'll be watching over us."

His friends say they'll remember the track athlete for his positive attitude and sense of humor.

"He was like a sunshine," said Heather Corbin. "He always had a smile on.  He was always playing a joke on somebody."

"He had a big heart," said Bergman. "He cared about everybody, and it's really sad for someone that young to leave, but soon we'll see him again.  We'll see him soon."

This accident has destroyed the sense of invincibility many teenagers have.  Edwards' friends say they don't want to go through this kind of heartache ever again.

"All of us teenagers have a responsibility, especially the ones that drive," said Kaysey Clayton. "We have a responsibility to not text, to not call, to not do anything but focus on the road."

The passenger in Edwards' car and the two people in the other car involved in the crash were all seriously hurt.  Each one is expected to be okay.

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