New information about the adults locked in a basement

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT)-We are getting our first look at the Philadelphia basement where four mentally disabled adults were found locked inside on Saturday.

Police say they have found documents that point to a wide-ranging fraud scheme.

Mattresses and blankets were found inside the crawlspace. Police say the room is so small the victims couldn't stand up in it and they had to use the restroom in buckets.

"When you look at the conditions under which they were kept, it's something out of a dungeon actually." said Richard Ross, Deputy Commissioner of Philadelphia Police.

Police arrested three people and say they kept the victims locked up so they could get their Social Security or disability checks.

One of those victims is originally from Virginia. He and two others are talking about what happened.

This sounds like something from a horror movie. Mentally disabled adults, held captive for days in a basement with no food; one was even chained up.

Tamara Breeden, Derwin McLemire, and Herbert Knowles, three of the four victims held captive inside that basement spoke about the horrible way they were treated by 50-year-old Linda Weston.

Gregory Thomas along with Eddie Wright, have also been arrested in connection with this case.

The FBI is now involved in this case, because it appears one of the suspects was with the victims in Texas and Florida.

The three accused face charges including aggravated assault, kidnapping and false imprisonment.

Weston is a convicted murderer, who has been arrested for kidnapping and assaulting four mentally disabled adults.

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