Nuclear expert believes plant handled quake

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - One of the major concerns in the wake of the August earthquake centered in Louisa County, was its impact on the North Anna nuclear power plant.

The Dominion plant is still not back online. Officials say the quake did not do enough damage to create a dangerous situation, but it did shift several of the containment tanks several inches.

Former New Jersey governor, Christie Todd Whittman also ran the EPA. She believes the quake is a perfect example of how nuclear power plants are built to withstand the worst situations.

"Nothing escaped everything that was put in place to protect the people of that facility, much less the people of that community at large all worked and they were safe," Governor Whittman said.

Whitman now works as a lobbyist for the nuclear industry.

She believes that incidents like the Louisa quake, allow the industry to learn and adapt to make the production of energy even safer for the future.

By the way, a hearing on re-starting the plant is scheduled for Friday.

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