Colonial Heights police investigating string of burglaries

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, VA (WWBT) - It's happened on Prestige Place, Conduit Road and Lakewood Drive....just to name a few. Close to a dozen homes have been hit by burglars.

One victim told me she actually saw the burglars, running out the back of her home as she pulled into the driveway. She said she was terrified and felt like her privacy was violated. They made off with several of her enamel rings.

We found victim after victim-- too scared to be on TV.  Most, hardly even wanted to open the door after what happened.

They're anxious for police to find out who came in their homes uninvited and took their things.

Police haven't officially linked the burglaries, but they're all very similar. They happen during the day and in most cases, the suspect got away with something small that was easily carried, like jewelry.

Burglars often break in through the back door. Police can't tell us yet whether they suspect anyone in the crimes or how many people might be involved.

They tell us they have their police out in force,patrolling all of the city's roads and ready to catch whoever is doing this.

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