Crooks use power saw to break into ATM

CHESTEREFIELD, VA (WWBT) -- Tonight, police are on the hunt for at least two crooks who used a power saw to break into an ATM in Chesterfield. The duo also used a stolen van during the crime.

We talked with the manager of the BB&T Bank, on Hopkins Road in the Meadowbrook Shopping Plaza, who thinks her ATM was targeted by the two guys. She thinks the two knew there would be more money in the ATM since it was a weekend when the crime happened.

Sparks fly on a daring crime. Thieves hard at work -- literally sawing through an ATM to steal some cash.

"It's close to home and where I bank. I don't know how they did it with a power saw," says Natasha Osovitz. She banks at the BB&T often. We told her, if she looks closely at the ATM, you can see signs of the crime. The hinges are chipped and the saw marks are clearly visible.

It's a first of its kind of crime for Chesterfield Detective Kevin Bacon. He says about 10 days ago, around 2:30 on a Saturday morning, at least two guys -- one armed with a power saw -- ripped the hinges off the ATM. Then, the two used a stolen van to help tear off the door of the machine and eventually run off with the dough.

Police found the stolen van only a few blocks away from the crime still running. But the guy with the cash, and the van's driver, were no where to be found.

The broken ATM is still here, more than a week after the crime. This looks like it was quite a big job but police say it took less than 15 minutes for the guys to take it off. Police hope someone saw something since this happened so close to a main road.

"We can only hope someone saw the sparks or heard the bang when the stolen van pulled the door off the hinges," says Detective Bacon.

Police admit it is going to be a challenge to solve this crime. "It's pretty apparent they were dressed in dark clothing, including having their skin covered up," adds Bacon.

"I only pray they catch the people," says Osovitz.

Police say they have not received any tips in this crime. If you know anything, call crime solvers at 748-0660.

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