Woman jailed after incident at Haunted House

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - A trip to a haunted house event turned into a real nightmare for one Chesterfield woman.

The experience landed her in jail for a night.

Haunted houses are just like an art exhibit - you're not supposed to touch anything.

One of the employees at the Blood Lake Haunted Trail says this woman shoved her after being startled.  That accusation led to the woman getting arrested for being drunk in public.

Jennifer White went looking for some spooky thrills.

"We just came out here to have fun and be scared a little bit," White said.  "When they accuse us of that, it just kind of ruined the whole night and I had to spend a whole night in jail."

She was jailed after getting arrested and charged with being drunk in public.

"When the officer came up to me, they said that I had been drinking and I said, 'what do you mean I've been drinking?'" she said.  "I was like, 'no I had a drink earlier that night with my dinner but that was about it.'"

An off-duty officer on scene said she could smell alcohol on her.

"Their accusation was that I was just slurring," White said.  "I have braces so it kind of sounds like I'm slurring all the time."

She spent the night in jail and now will go to court in December.

Scott Bergman owns the Blood Lake Haunted Trail. He says there's a simple rule to follow when you're going through a haunted house - no touching.

"People need to remember, even though people are coming out to be scared and to be startled, they'll be in a dark environment and they need to be very cognizant that the no-touch rule is in place," Bergman said.

White says she's glad she was able to get her money back - now she wants her clean legal record back too.

"Things follow you forever," White said.  "Once you get a charge, everybody looks at you like a criminal automatically. You get a charge and oh, that person is a criminal and I'm not that person at all."

White says she volunteered to take a breathalyzer test to prove she was sober.

According to our legal expert, you're actually not entitled to take a sobriety test unless you're accused of drunk driving, not simply being drunk in public.

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