Men in sex offender attack case sentenced

HOPEWELL, VA (WWBT) - A sentencing hearing was held Monday morning for the four men accused of targeting and attacking a registered sex offender. Under a plea agreement, the men will serve no additional jail time. Plus, all charges against the men were reduced.

It's a deal that's not sitting well with the victim. The hearing lasted less than an hour in Hopewell. All four men stood before a judge for what they did on October 16, 2010. That's when the group encountered Rudolph Ellis, a registered sex offender, inside a Hopewell store.

One of the men, Daniel Narron allegedly yelled, "aren't you that (expletive) child molester. " An argument ensued.

"It was going to be a four on one fight," said Ellis.

Ellis jumped on his moped and took off. The men got in Narron's vehicle and gave chase. Narron, in the driver's seat, knocked Ellis off his moped with the vehicle.

"He took an automobile, like a gun, and tried to kill me," said Ellis.

In court, Narron was sentenced to a total of 6 years ,all suspended, for attempted unlawful wounding, disorderly conduct, and hit and run. In a statement read by his attorney Narron apologized and called the incident "a lapse in judgement fueled by alcohol."

The charges against the three others, Eric Harris, Thomas McCall, and Damon Silvestro will be dismissed in a year if they stay out of trouble.

"I'm satisfied with what happened in court today," said co-defendant Harris. He spoke little about the crime. "It was a crazy night. It snowballed into a big ordeal. I'm just happy it's all behind me and I can move on with my life," Harris added.

The victim is angry with the outcome -- stating Narron shouldn't be released from jail after only serving eleven months.

"A year time served isn't not enough," said Ellis.

Narron is expected to be released from Riverside Regional Jail by Monday night. He will be on indefinite probation once he's out of jail. Narron has also been ordered to pay restitution to the victim.

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