Occupy Richmond: Day 2

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – It is day 2 for protesters of Occupy Richmond and no arrests have been made.

It's been peaceful so far and protesters say the city even provided a few port-a-potties for the group who are planning to spend nights out at Kanawha plaza.

From students to the unemployed and the homeless, several dozen protesters for Occupy Richmond made their presence known in Kanawha plaza - right across from the federal reserve building and central to all the major banks.

"We want to lessen the gap between the top 1percent like the banks behind me and the super rich guys and the rest of the 99 percent middle lower class and we want to increase taxes on these guys and have a redistribution of wealth," said protester, Nolan D.

"Part of the reason why Kanawha Plaza was chosen was in solidarity with people who have been sleeping in the par and on benches and we want to be there and say you can have this space and we're going to occupy it with you," said protester, Stacey Bennett.

Some brought sleeping bags, prepared to spend nights at the plaza. Others who are grateful for the food and water donated - say this is one well organized and peaceful demonstration. They say, the cops so far have left them alone.

"We don't want to stir anything up but we do want to make sure that it's known that we want our voices heard and the system hasn't been protecting us," said Bennett.

It's a smaller gathering during the afternoon hours, but protestors expect more supporters will show like Saturday night where hundreds turned out in Richmond's Monroe Park near the VCU campus and marched to Kanawha plaza.

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