Fundraiser in Louisa draws in hundreds of people

LOUISA, VA (WWBT) - The people of Louisa County came out in big numbers on Friday night, to help rebuild a community devastated the past few months by Mother Nature. But, it all happened just after bad news came down from Washington- President Obama would not be making a trip to Louisa after-all.

You could really feel the community spirit out here tonight in Louisa County. The people living in this area could finally come together for one night, take a breather, and not have to worry about everything that's been surrounding their lives for the past two months.

From the music, to the comradery, and the good food, this is exactly what this community needed.

"It's a tight-knit community and everyone is trying to help," said Derrick Hicks.

First -- a massive earthquake. Then 41 aftershocks and even a tornado this week, it's been quite a rocky ride for everyone.

"Mother Nature is throwing it all at us," says Chris Knighton.

So- hundreds of people decided to fight back, just like they have for months. Everyone helping out, donating money to the county schools and this community devastated by Mother Nature.

"We need help! And it's good to help these people," said one person at the fundraiser.

Just today, Governor McDonnell donated $5,000 from his own campaign fund, to the cause.

A lot of rumors have been swirling around Louisa- Will President Obama come here next week to survey the earthquake damage? Well, told the people here, and we had to break the news that the president would not be coming.

"It's his loss. It's his loss," Chris said.

Another blow to the community, after losing out -- for now-- on federal money to help rebuild the community.

But School Superintendent Dr. Deborah Pettit is a little more upbeat.

"It could be a tiny blow for us, but I've learned through all of the different natural disasters, that we are very resilient," said Pettit.

That's a sentiment echoed by just about everyone out here tonight.

"We got each other and that's all that matters," added Chris.

The night ended with fireworks at midnight.

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