Help for domestic violence victim & daughter

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - A powerful story of survival, tonight, involving two victims of domestic violence - a mother and daughter who survived a horrible act of violence that, by all accounts, should have left them dead.

It was August 28th, the day after hurricane Irene. Inside a home in the 2700 block of Executive Drive, in Chesterfield...a husband shoots his wife and daughter multiple times, and then kills himself. Tonight, the victims are reaching out for help, with a new beginning.

41-year-old, Andrea Evans and her 18-year-old daughter, Davondra, are victims and survivors. Andrea says her husband shot them because, he thought Davondra had revealed his secret. She says, Abdul Evans, had been molesting his own daughter since she was 14.

"It crossed my mind that how did she get pregnant and she don't go nowhere? And then I think, no I'm not going to think that kind of way. Not her Dad. No," Andrea said.

Andrea Evans got the full story, she says, from her daughter after the shooting. Years of spousal abuse and incest ended August 28th, when her husband, first, turned on them with a 9 millimeter gun, and then aimed it at his own head and pulled the trigger.

"I don't wish this on nobody," she said. "I hurt everyday...pain. He hated me so much because I use to take up for my kids."

Both mother and daughter became secret keepers. Davonda apparently too afraid to tell what her dad was doing to her, and the Andrea too afraid to flee her abuser.

"Maybe I can help somebody. Maybe somebody will see me and think about, 'I'm going to get out of this situation that I'm in.' And I really want to do it. It means a lot to me," Andrea said.

On Saturday, Andrea will take up her crutches and make a symbolic walk against domestic violence.

"It's like having a bandaid across your mouth. She can remove that bandage now. She can speak and use her voice," said Cheryl Coker.

Longtime friend Cheryl Coker called 12. The family needs a lot for a new beginning...beds, furniture, everything to furnish an apartment.

They left all their possessions inside the bloody crime scene. Davonda couldn't handle the horrible memories.

"She can walk. Her left arm is not functioning. She can move her fingers. She's having dreams and a lot of emotional problems," Andrea explained.

Their friend hopes the community will rally behind this family. She says god selected her to come out of the shadows and suffer no more.

"He's going to use this quiet, meek, sweet woman to tell her story to help other women to heal from domestic violence and that is why I think the community will embrace Ms. Evans and her family," said Coker.

Andrea needs an electric wheelchair. Her body is still weak. Again, they need home furnishings and beds, and help with transportation to doctors' appointments.

The walk against domestic violence is Saturday, October 15th, at Meadowbrook High School. Registration is at 9 a.m., the walk begins at 10.

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