25-30 homes damaged by tornado in New Kent

NEW KENT, VA (WWBT) - For some of the people in Woodhaven, Friday morning was their first chance to see the extent of the damage.

Daybreak brought to light a down right mess in New Kent County. Hundreds of trees were splintered, snapped and dropped on anything...taking out a chimney, the corner of a house. Tree after tree was on the ground- almost pointing out the storm's path, and what the wind whipped up...didn't necessarily come back down.

"Ha! I think this morning we're like little moles coming out of holes to find out what's going on," said resident Gary Ross.

Ross wasn't alone. Every creature came out to see the debris. He had a tree break in half and take out his garage.

"The lights went out and heard a loud roar. I looked out the window and I could see leaves and debris going around in circles," Ross said.

It's not just houses that took a beating.

"One of the tree tops hit the side of the car. It's not too bad but a little bit of damage there," said resident Dave Kuehl.

"The path really started on Route 60 and worked itself across the subdivision here, across the lake," said Fire Chief Tommy Hicks.

He says the damage by daylight, was far worse than he expected.

"Last night we thought we had somewhere between 12 to 15 homes damaged. This morning we're up to numbers as high as 30," Hicks said.

Many residents tell me in some areas of New Kent County the damage from this tornado is far worst than what they saw just a few weeks ago from hurricane Irene.

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