Politifact Virginia: Houck hits Reeves with tough ad

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - You might think this is a sleepy election year, but there is a serious battle at play in the General Assembly.

That is leading to tough ads, like this one from Spotsylvania Democrat Edd Houck who is facing a tough race from republican challenger Bryce Reeves. It says: "Bryce Reeves chaired a group bankrolled by a New York billionaire who fired hundreds of Virginia workers and sent their jobs to China."

Did Bryce Reeves really send hundreds of jobs to China? According to writers of Politifact Virginia that claim is outright "false."

The connection Houck tries to tie reeves to a short term position he had on the board of the conservative group "Americans For Prosperity" or AFP. The group is funded by the Koch Brothers, owners of a company called Invista.

In 2008- Invista cut 120 jobs at a plant in Waynesboro. Now the company does own plants in China. But there is no direct, or even indirect link between the loss of those jobs and the subsequent creation of jobs in China.

Even the union that represents the plant in Waynesboro never even filed a claim with the Department of Labor.

No matter how you look at it, Times Dispatch Reporter Warren Fiske believes there is just no evidence that Bryce Reeves endorsed or was party to jobs moving to China.

"Clearly the Koch Brothers weren't talking to him about movements and wonder where there many subsidiaries. And it's very flimsy and ridiculous to link the two and so we rated this thing as false," said Fiske.

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