Sky12 gives us a bird's eye-view of New Kent storm damage

NEW KENT, VA (WWBT) - A long day for dozens of people living in the Woodhaven Shores neighborhood. It will continue to be like that until there is just no more daylight left tonight. We took to the air with Sky12 to show you the path of destruction from the air.

The tornado left up to 30 homes damaged; five of them so bad the homes are unsafe to live in. Right now there are 50 Dominion power and tree crews working to clean the mess and get the power back on. All of this devastation comes little more than a month after Hurricane Irene hit the Woodhaven neighborhood hard. Some people were just finishing the cleanup from that and now they have more to do.

Police are asking all sightseers to stay away and let clean up crews do their work. We're told it could take at least a week to clean up the huge mess.

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