NBC12 Viewpoint: NBA negotiations

By: Kym Grinnage - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Really! I know that a good deal of you don't really care about the NBA, but a lot of you are still raving fans, so help me out with this. We have multi-millionaires on both sides of the table that need to negotiate a new contract that involves splitting up your money. That's right, it's the money that you as fans spend every time you visit an arena, but a jersey, download a game, buy endorsed products or in any form or fashion support the players and the owners of the NBA. Why, do you do it, because you and your kids are fans.

So all we are asking them to do is to negotiate a spilt of the revenue in whatever way they think is fair. Right now they can't agree to a 50-50 split. Yes, that means half for each side. Actually, many of you don't really care about the numbers, you just want some good old fashion entertainment and for both sides to remember this is just a sport to us.

Now that they have canceled the first two weeks of the season, the real negotiations will begin. I guess both the owners and the players have forgotten what happened when baseball tried this trickā€¦.Millions of Americans found something else to do! And many never came back!

While millions of Americans are on the unemployment lines with no hope in sight of signing a new contract, the NBA has lost its way.

If the NBA frees up some of your time, go shoot some hoops with the real all-stars, your kids!

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