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Windshield Wonder

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Besides washing the windows in your house, washing the ones in your car can be just as painful sometimes, especially when it comes to cleaning the windshield from the inside. But the Windshield Wonder is suppose to make that job so much easier! This week I 'Try It, Before You Buy It!'

The 'Windshield Wonder' comes with two micro fiber cleaning cloths; a handle with pivoting head; and a small spray bottle to put water in. Yep...just water. It claims that's all you need to get your car windows...squeeeeky clean.

Sunrise producer Christi Reynard picked up this week's test product at Bed Bath and Beyond for about ten bucks. I guess she really didn't noticed though that the packaging was printed all in German! Lucky for me, the directions were in English!

The premise is easy enough, just snap together the windshield wonder handle, then gently wet the micro fiber pad with the included spray bottle and off to work you go to clean your windshield. I found that the pivoting head is definitely a plus especially when doing the inside of your cars windshield. Cleaning is definitely easier than doing it the old fashioned way with a paper towel..trying to twist your arm all around to get it done.

The commercial mainly depicts cleaning the windows on the inside. But the outside of my car's windshield is very dirty too. So I try to see if the windshield wonder can do just as well cleaning the outside of my windshield.

After a few minutes of cleaning, I was pretty impressed with the fact that it could actually clean...without any soap...the moist pad seems to do a good job. The 'Windshield Wonder' worked pretty well for me on both the inside of my windshield as well as the outside. However, it did leave a few streaks behind but that may be due to the fact my windows were filthy dirty!

Overall, I think the 'Windshield Wonder' did a good job. Besides leaving just a few streaks behind, it is very effective at cleaning the inside of your car's windshield without leaving you twisted like a pretzel! For ten-dollars, not a bad buy!

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