Men wanted for brutal beating in nightclub

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Police just got their hands on some pictures from a night club that they hope will solve a brutal attack. It's of four young men hanging out on a Friday night.

It's one of many pictures taken on September 23rd and posted on the internet.

The picture was taken at the Hat Factory, nestled on Virginia Street.

The photo itself isn't incriminating but police say it's going to help get the guys who beat up another man that night, sending him to the hospital.

"It's a very good break, we're fortunate that people will tell us about these things and tell us where to look for them," said Lt. Emmett Williams of Richmond Police Department.

Police are protecting the victim's identity but say he was in pretty bad shape.

"He had cuts under his eye, some lacerations some bruising, concussion and a small fracture," said Williams.

Police say the fight broke out shortly after midnight. It started off with people just bumping into each other causing friction.

"Then it kind of escalated to the point where the victim suffered some very serious injuries from one of the suspects," said Williams.

Of the four guys in the photo, Williams say they are especially interested in finding the man in the middle - with a shaved head wearing a white polo. Williams say he is the primary suspect.

If you recognize any of the guys in the photo or know anything about the fight that night, you're urged to call crime stoppers at 780-1000.

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