Tornado rips through New Kent neighborhood

NEW KENT, VA. (WWBT) -- A tornado rips through the Woodhaven Shores neighborhood in New Kent County, leaving behind a lot of destruction. In fact, the area almost looks like a war zone.

Tree limbs scattered about. Power lines torn down and tangled in-between. Even transformers barely hanging on, seemingly moments from crashing to the ground. The Woodhaven Shores neighborhood in New Kent is just decimated.

Things are so bad, crews had to bring in bulldozers and lots of heavy equipment, just to clear the roads so people could get to their homes.

Brandon Walls doesn't have a home to live in tonight.

"It's unbelievable. Thank God no one was hurt. Mother Nature is a funny thing," he said. Brandon, along with his family, were not home when the tornado came plowing through.

By the looks of it, that's certainly a good thing. Seven trees are no longer standing.

"Down from in the house, to in the shed, to a crushed back porch. There are several limbs in the home," said Walls.

People are really concerned about the tree limbs that are just dangling above their heads tonight and will still be there tomorrow when the big clean up begins.

Dominion Power and a tree cutting service will be spending the night out here. About 7800 homes in central Virginia were affected by the storm — more than 250 homes are still in the dark. 150 of those are in Woodhaven.

Power crews are currently working on 30 poles in New Kent.

This all comes a little more than a month after Hurricane Irene left its mark here.

"Just barely getting over the other one. I don't know what it picked Woodhaven shores to go through, but it did," said resident Mary Albert.

Now they will have to start the clean up, once again.

"I'm just thankful no one was hurt," said Brandon.

Crews said it may take a little bit longer to get the power back on because they did not realize there were so many power poles down in the area.

In New Kent, only one minor injury was reported and there were no reported deaths.