Hit and run victim dies, suspect expresses remorse

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - The suspect in a Chesterfield hit and run expresses remorse moments after finding out the victim in the case died.

41-year-old Bernard Kamgang, faced a judge today, hours after Cody wood passed away at VCU Medical Center.

Wood's family was in court too. They're upset Kamgang is not in jail. Wood died early this morning. His death came as a surprise to Kamgang. Cody's family tells me they have no hatred for him, but believe he should not be a free man.

A visibly distraught Kamgang left the Chesterfield Courthouse with his pastor by his side. Only minutes earlier he learned Cody did not pull through. He said he had been praying for Cody.

"What can I say to a family? I'm a parent too. I'm a parent, (crying) I'm a parent. I feel the loss and only God can help the family and I to overcome the situation," said Kamgang.

Seth Wood and his family didn't speak to Kamgang, only watched from a distance.

"I'm happy to hear he's upset for killing my brother," said Wood.

But they do have questions for the man originally from Cameroon, a country in west central Africa.

Kamgang has lived in the states for six years, three of those in the Richmond area.

"If I was going to ask Bernard Kamgang something it would be why. Why did you leave? It was my brother. A precious life so young, so full of energy. Why?" said Wood.

Police said Kamgang hit Wood with his car while Wood was walking on Old Buckingham Road last Wednesday night. Minutes later, police said a witnessed called 911.

"(The family wants to know why you left him on the road?) I can't answer right now," said Kamgang.

Because of Wood's death, a prosecutor argued for a change in bond for Kamgang, but the judge kept it the same and Kamgang was free to go.

"I was kind of shocked to see him walk out of court today," said Seth Wood.

The Wood family is hoping for answers in the coming weeks and months. They remain strong, and say one day will offer forgiveness.

"I don't hate him. I'm very upset. I believe in forgiveness. Our whole family does and we will forgive him at some point," said Wood.

The prosecutor tells me no final decision has been made yet on additional charges against Kamgang.

Kamgang is expected back in court November 30th for a preliminary hearing.

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