City urges Sheriff to follow nepotism policy

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT)-The city is now waiting on an answer from Richmond Sheriff C.T. Woody after they asked him to follow the nepotism policy which does not allow any supervisor to employ an immediate family member.

Many people, including council members, say this causes a great deal of concern because they want to make sure their tax dollars are being used wisely.

According to the Times-Dispatch, they say this could become a conflict of interest having so many family members under his supervision, including his own son.

Richmond City Council voted six to one to encourage the city's four elected officers to follow the nepotism policy, which keeps family members from supervising other family members in the same agency.

Council members approved the resolution, with the exception of Reva Trammell, who said the vote came too soon since the sheriff was not present at the meeting.

The sheriff has not said what he'll do about the city's request.

Council members said nepotism isn't just a Richmond issue, it's state wide.

They discussed bringing it up to the General Assembly.

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