Prostitution sting nets 10 in Henrico's West End

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Ten people have been arrested in a Henrico West End prostitution sting. It's all apart of a bigger crime sweep that happened last week, landing more than 100 people in handcuffs.

The prostitution sting happened near the business areas of Glenside and West Broad Street. The other operations happened along Staples Mill and Wistar Road in the West End.

For decades, Nichelle Cooper has planted her roots in the West End neighborhood. With family living there and her heart invested in a nearby church, she's glad to hear a nearby prostitution ring is busted.

"It lets the people in this community know that one more element is squashed," said Cooper.

Squashed after a long investigation by Henrico police, ongoing since the summer. It ended with the 10 arrests, 9 men and Danielle Cummings, charged with prostitution.

"This area was caught in the middle of several challenges," said Henrico Commanding Officer Humberto Cardounel.

It all went down along Broad and Glenside, right where homes and businesses meet.

Henrico Police say this type of crime can happen in any area where you see a lot of hotels and motels. Also, these crimes can be difficult to address at times, simply because a lot of it happens behind closed doors.

"You would never think it would go down in area like this but the thing is crime can happen anywhere. You can't pick and choose neighborhoods. A lot of things may be going on in people's backyard that you may not even be aware of," Cooper said.

That's why police vow to continue this fight in other areas of Henrico.

"I can assure you the operations will continue on, but what I can't assure is what form we'll use or what tactic," said Commanding Officer Cardounel.

That's exactly what Nichelle and many in this community want to hear.

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