Accused bigamist's live-in girlfriend speaks out

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - We're learning more about an accused bigamist in Chesterfield County.

Isaac Custalow Junior is accused of being married to four women without divorcing any of them.

We spoke with Custalow's former live-in girlfriend.  This woman asked we not give her name.

She met Custalow only days after he married wife number two. When they first met, she says he knew just how much charm to use.

"Not overly charming," she said.  "Not cheesy charming to where you think this guy is just feeding me a line. He just made you feel very comfortable, almost like you've known him a lot longer than you have."

They moved in together after they dated for about four months. She says everything changed after they signed a lease for an apartment.

"He makes you feel like you're the most precious woman in the world," she said.  "(That's) until he gets you behind closed doors and then you're nothing but garbage."

This woman says Custalow tried to convince her to get married.

She was separated, but legally still married, to her ex-husband.  She knew she legally couldn't get married until her divorce was final. She says Custalow didn't see that as a problem.

"He said all you have to do is mark on the paperwork that you've never been married," she said.  "He said we can still get married."

Custalow allegedly knew this from experience.

She says she had no idea he was already married to several other women, and that Custalow told her they wouldn't get caught.

"He just pressured me and pressured me and pressured me," she said.  "He knew, even then he said, 'they have no way to check around this state whether or not you've been married.'"

We again tried to reach out to Custalow's attorney.  His assistant says he does not respond to calls from the media.

Custalow will be sentenced for his bigamy conviction in Chesterfield in November.

He's still facing similar charges in Henrico and Virginia Beach.

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