TJ Vikings band booster gives $300 for fans

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Today we're hitting all the right notes as we pay it forward to a local high school band. The TJ marching Vikings have all kinds of awards. What they don't have are uniforms, an adequate band room or even fans so they don't sweat it out in their cramped quarters.

But, they have loyal band boosters who're drumming up support in this week's Acts of Kindness.

Their rhythm will rock you.

"The drum line is the heartbeat of the band," said a band member.

They've got skills, showmanship and spirit, but these Vikings vanquish the competition.

They just won trophies for drum line, majorette, flag, dance and the big one.

"We won grand champion," said Fayesha Cousins, the Thomas Jefferson band director.

Cousins leads daily practice, and over 100 band members squeeze into a 20 by 25 room.

"It's very uncomfortable. It gets hot, and it smells a little bit sometimes," Cousins said.

"We started out with maybe 4 or 5 fans, and because they have to run continuously because we're trying to keep a hundred plus kids cool, they just systematically die, like one at a time," said Carol Toney, a band supporter.

"They say it's hot, they say it's really hot," said Tribbey McCoy. "They need fans, some kind of ventilation to make them comfortable when they're practicing."

Tribbey McCoy is a grand band booster. Her granddaughter Deja plays bass drum.

"They are dedicated to this band, and I thought it would be so nice to show an act of kindness and let them know that we're behind them and we enjoy what they do," McCoy said.

SABRINA: "Here is $100, $200, $300."
McCoy: "Thank you so much."

Tribbey leads the way to the band room. She says the kids think school board members are coming today for a mini performance. The band doesn't miss a beat as we walk through. Then suddenly you can hear a pin drop.

McCoy: "I came in the band room the other day. I know they asked for fans. I know it's hot in here, so I called, and I want to give you an Act of Kindness for the band for $300."

Cousins says the Vikings band performs at community events all over the city.

"We helped Wachovia switch over to Wells Fargo in the summertime, we played at Nordstrom's, we played at the Soul Circus," said Cousins.

They'd like to be able to perform in real band uniforms.

SABRINA: "Do most of the high school bands?"
COUSINS: "Everybody has uniforms except for Thomas Jefferson in the city of Richmond. Yes, we know it's going to happen one day."

For now, they'll be cool with new fans.

"We're going to Home Depot or somewhere and getting some fans today," said Cousins.

And they're grateful to their most loyal fans.

"Even though we go to see the game, we're all into the band," said McCoy.

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