Police arrest suspect in hit and run

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - A Chesterfield family is relieved Friday night after police made an arrest in a hit and run accident that left a teen in a coma.

It was thanks to someone like you. Police got a tip through crime solvers this morning, By noon they arrested 41-year-old Bernard Kamgang of South Richmond.

19-year-old Cody Wood was struck by a car Wednesday night on Old Buckingham Road near Unison Drive. A car police believe was driven by 41-year-old Kamgang.

Police say Kamgang's car fit the description -- a white sedan with damage to the front end and windshield.

Kamgang was charged with felony hit and run. Police say he cooperated with police and did not resist arrest.

Cody's family is thankful they can now fully focus on her Cody's recovery.

"The police officers have been amazing they've been very helpful and we are so grateful for their help in this situation," said Cody's mother, Susan Wood.

"We're shocked still that they were able to find him so quickly," said Cody's sister, Jessica Andres.

"We're just really grateful to the people that turned him in thank you very much," said Cody's brother, Seth Wood.

Cody's brother and sisters have been taking shifts looking after Cody.

Andres says Cody is now in a medically induced coma.

"The swelling in his brain they were concerned of further damage and so they decided the best thing for him so his body can relax and try to heal itself," said Andres.

The family says they're touch by the out pouring of support from friends and the public and ask that we all continue to pray for Cody.

Police say Bernard Kamgang was released on bond today. He is scheduled to appear in court next Thursday.