Rally against Wall Street in Richmond

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The Occupy Wall Street movement has spread to Richmond. Friday morning, dozens gathered at VCU to protest what's being called economic inequality and corporate greed.

"We're 99% and we will be heard," one protestor shouted.

The rally is inspired by, and in support of,  the grassroots movement that started in New York last month -- when a few hundred people gathered to speak out about corporate greed and inequality.

"We're just saying the infrastructure is not working -- obviously it's not working," said participant, Josh Kadrich.

The movement has spread with protests popping up in a number of cities.

"You act locally and think globally  and that's what we're doing here today, said  Alicia Seay, event organizer.

Shari Burt showed up as a sign a solidarity.

She's concerned about bank bailouts, bonuses, and unemployment.

"I'd hate to see any of the young people go through what I'm going through today. They have a chance if we can get this taken care of and get it straight," she added.

Burt, a former banker, has been searching for a job for nearly a year.

"It's got to get better -- it's got to get better -- it will get better," said Burt.

Organizers say, it's up to the each person to try and bring about change .

"We see that there's something that's not working and it's up to the people to make that difference and do something about it together," said Seay.

Several similar rallies are slated to be held on campus over the next week.

VCU police were on scene to make sure the rally was peaceful.

The event lasted about four hours.