Teen In Coma After Hit and Run

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A sleepless night for Cody Wood's family - his brother and sister took a short break from the hospital to meet with us.

They say Wood is in a coma and suffers from severe brain injury and swelling.

"They had to open up his brain, take part of his skull out, he had a massive blood clot in his brain, massive," said Seth Wood.

Nineteen-year-old Wood was out walking, at around 9:30 Wednesday night, when he was struck on Old Buckingham Road near Unison Drive.

Family members believe Wood was hit from behind - his head whipping backwards and hitting the hood of the car leaving him now, in a coma.

Police say they talked to witnesses, but need more help solving this hit and run.

"I'm angry, I'm upset, I would like for them to catch who did this," said Wood.

So far, investigators don't have enough information.

"We don't know enough right now and I think we really need to find who did this," said Wood.

Wood's sister Rachel Kelly isn't losing hope. She's counting on the public's help and also looking for a miracle.

"He has a family who loves him and if the person who did is watching, the guilt of not coming forward now will be worse than the consequences and we'll forgive you to come forward because we're believing in a miracle and Cody's going to pull through," said Kelly.

Cody will remain at MCV.

"We just need everybody who prays to pray to God that his brain will heal and that he'll come and he'll walk up and he'll be the boy we all know and love," said Kelly.

The only description police has is of a white or cream colored sedan. The car should have front end damage and a busted windshield.

If you have information, call Crime Solvers at 748-0660.

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